The PlayStation 5 is Almost Here!

As a quick disclaimer, yes, I am a huge PlayStation fan. I am also not a professional writer either. My goal is to write something that at least one person can relate to or find interesting. I am also writing this for the sake of creating more in my life rather than just consuming. With that out of the way, let’s start talking about the next gen consoles.

Ever since owning a PS2 and playing Star Wars Battlefront 2, I have always loved the world of gaming. You really can do just about anything. Now with the next gen consoles coming out right around the corner, my guess is that people are becoming extremely excited. Even though this year has been pretty shite, my guess is that things will turn around soon.

Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that the PS4 and Xbox One just came out? Was it really 2013? To me the release date does not seem that long ago. Anyways, the shiniest and newest “thing” is coming out and I am pretty excited. I know that all of Sony’s marketing is trying to get me hyped for the PS5 and to be honest, it’s working, maybe to well. While I literally don’t have a dime to send right now, my mind keeps on saying “you need to get it”! (on day one, as soon as it comes out, like the exact day it releases)- that was my mind speaking btw.

Isn’t it funny how our minds work? My PS4 works perfectly, yet here I am wanting the latest and greatest. While I’m sure he PS5 and new Xbox will be as impressive as they claim to be, I will probably have to wait until they come out with a cheap version.

With all that to say, I really want to hear what other people think about the new consoles coming out. I have no idea if Medium has a chat feature as this is my first blog post but I’ll ask the question regardless. Anyways, take care and stay encouraged. I’m sure there is a silver lining coming soon. :)


P.S. I also forgot to mention the design of the new PS5. I think it looks pretty bad arse but let me know what you think.

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